The Best Value Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City

We decided to have a look at a cheaper selection of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh city. As always this is only based on our opinion nor this is a sponsored article/video by any of these hotels. Check out the video for our top 5 best value hotels in Saigon , and scroll down below for the list of addresses:


#5 GK Central Hotel, 92 Ly Tu Trong Street,

#4 Ruby River, 59 Nguyen Thai Binh Street,

#3 Liberty Green View, 187 Pham Ngu Lao Street,

#2 Duc Vuong Hotel, 195 Bui Vien Street,

#1 Alagon Saigon Hotel & Spa, 289 Ly Tu Trong Street.


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Source Here: The Best Value Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City


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