Top 5 Seafood dishes to try in Vietnam

We always recommend travelers in Vietnam to definitely try what the locals call “ốc”, which literally means “snails”, though its meaning is actually going out and enjoying seafood, including crabs, shrimps, oyster and yes, snails. However these ốc restaurants usually have only a 5 to 10 pages menu only in Vietnamese, so it can be quite difficult to get your order right. So we decided to make a little video with our 5 favorite dishes to order at a seafood restaurant in Vietnam (the restaurant we’ve been to for this video is Ốc Đào, 212/C79 Nguyễn Trãi street in District 1).

Have you tried these dishes in Saigon? Which one was your favorite?

Post Source Here: Top 5 Seafood dishes to try in Vietnam


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